Kantree has been designed to be your core tool for managing your projects. Integrations help you connect Kantree with your other tools like Github or Slack.

There are 3 types of connection:

  • login or sign up
  • project/org integration (not available in personal projects)
  • import from other tools

We will first cover each process in a generic way. They are very similar for every external tool integrations.

Then we will discuss the specificity of each 3rd party services.

Setup 3rd party login

You can login to Kantree with external service credentials.

Connect your external service with an existing Kantree account

  1. Navigate to User Account page > Third party Accounts tab
  2. Click on Login button of the wanted service
  3. Authorize Kantree to connect with your service account

On the Kantree login page, you can now use the login button dedicated to this service, you don’t need to enter your Kantree credentials.

Signup with your external service (without any Kantree account)

  1. Navigate to the Kantree Login page
  2. Click on the Login button of the wanted service
  3. Authorize Kantree to connect with your service account
  4. You are redirected to the Kantree Signup page, sometimes automatically filled with your service username (You don’t have to provide a password, as you will use your service account to connect)
  5. Fill the signup form with your email, and click Signup

Your Kantre account has been created. Always use the login button dedicated to this service to login with Kantree.

If you want to remove your service connection, be sure you have a fallback to login in Kantree (another external service, or a kantree password)

Setup project integrations with 3rd party services

  1. In a project, navigate to Project settings > Integrations tab
  2. Find your Service in the Available integrations list and click on Activate. If your service has already been activated in other projects of the same team, the button label will be Use on this project
  3. Some services will ask for specific permissions, you should allow them if you want the integration to run correctly. Usually, you only need to allow permissions once, for all projects where you want to enable your service.
  4. On the integration settings form, select the options you want. Usually, every options and settings will be explained clearly in this settings form.
  5. Click on Activate

Once activated, your integration appears in Integrations active on this project list. You can update (click on the cog button) or deactivate (click on the red trash button) your integration anytime.

Import project from 3rd party services

  1. In your Dashboard or Org page > Projects tab, click on + New project
  2. Choose a name for your project
  3. Click on Import from other services
  4. Select the 3rd party service you want and click Next
  5. Authorize Kantree to connect with your service account. Usually, you won’t need to authorize Kantree for the next import.
  6. Select an external project you want to import in the list that just appeared
  7. Wait until the import is ready. It can take a few minutes if your external project contains a lot of datas.

Google and Gsuite

Login with your Google account

Follow the step-by-step guide to login with Google.

allow Kantree in Google

Once you’ve connected your accounts, you can attach files from Google Drive to your cards in any projects.

attach Google drive files

You can access all your Google contacts when you invite members to your team or projects.

Connect your Kantree team with you Google Suite team

Kantree is available on the Google Suite Marketplace, so you can open Kantree from Google apps.

google gsuite marketplace

Then, in Kantree, you can link your Google Suite team with your Kantree team.

google gsuite integration

All your Google suite users will be able to login to Kantree with their Google account.

Microsoft Teams

Always concerned with saving you time and supporting you in your daily activity, Kantree offers you a new connector (reserved for Enterprise offers). Thanks to this you will be able to use all the features of Kantree from your Teams environment.

My Work

A Kantree tab is added to your sidebar to access your personal project hub “My work”. Teams tab my work

Your workspaces

In Teams, you can add one tab per workspace or view. Teams add workspace view

How to add Kantree in Teams

Add My Work

Teams add my work

  1. Go to the Applications section of your Teams side menu
  2. Look for “Kantree”
  3. Click Open

Add workspaces and views

  1. Go to the Teams section of your Teams side menu
  2. Select the team in which the workspace should be positioned
  3. Click on + Add Tab and select Kantree
  4. Choose between adding a workspace or a view. To access the available views, first select the workspace it is in
  5. Decide to notify the team by checking “Post in channel on this tab”
  6. Click “Save”

Teams select workspace view Teams select workspace Teams select view


Connect Slack with Kantree: Command Kantree from you Slack channel and be notified of any changes in your Kantree projects directly in Slack

Setup project integration with Slack

Follow the step-by-step guide to enable the Slack integration.

allow Kantree in Slack

Specify a Slack channel you want to associate with your Kantree project.

Once you’re done, in your slack channel you can do the following commands :

  1. /kantree create Title of your new card: This will create a card in your project. slack command 1 slack command 1 result
  2. /kantree comment #card_ref Comment in your card: You will be able to comment your card slack command 2
  3. /kantree search query: Use our powerful KQL query language to search for cards through your project slack command 3

On the other hand, some actions in Kantree will be notified in Slack.

slack notif

Here is a list of the actions that trigger an activity in your Slack channel:

  1. Create cards
  2. Move Cards
  3. Change card state (like mark it as done)
  4. Post comments on cards


Connect Kantree projects with your Github repositories, and track your issues easily with our 2-way synchronization.

Login with Github

Follow the step-by-step guide to login with Github.

In the consent page, authorize Kantree by Digicoop OAuth App in Github by clicking Authorize Digicoop. Digicoop is the company behind Kantree. allow Kantree in Github

Setup project integration with Github

You can enable a 2-way synchronization with Github in your projects.

Follow the step-by-step guide to enable the Github integration.

Here is the Github integration form:

Github integration

Fill the public or private Github repository name you want to connect to. The options are pretty straightforward.

If you want your commit to appear in both your Github issue and your Kantree card (synced with this issue), you should mention the 2 references in the commit title like “Update Readme.md #K7 #3”

If you create a project by importing a Github repository, Kantree activates automatically the Github integration on this project.

Import Github repositories

You can import any public or private repositories from Github to Kantree.

Follow the step-by-step guide to import Github repositories.

authorize additional permissions for Kantree in Github

Kantree will import all your issues and pull requests. It will activate the 2-way Github integration automatically.


Setup project integration with Gitlab

Follow the step-by-step guide to enable the Gitlab integration.

Here is the Gitlab integration form:

Gitlab integration

Fill the public or private Gitlab repository name you want to connect to.


You can attach any dropbox files to your cards When you click on attach from Dropbox a popup will ask you to connect to dropbox and authorize Kantree.

Dropbox integration


Import Trello projects

You can import any projects from your Trello account to Kantree.

Follow the step-by-step guide to import Trello boards.

allow Kantree in Trello

Kantree will import your cards and columns. In your cards, it will import the description, assignees, attached files, due date, labels with their color, custom fields, checklists and comments.


Import Asana projects

You can import any projects from your Asana account to Kantree.

Follow the step-by-step guide to import Asana projects.

allow Kantree in Asana

Kantree will import your tasks and sections. In your tasks, it will import the tags, notes, due date, state (completed or not), subcards and stories (as comments).


Kantree is integrated with Toggl thanks to the hard work and contribution of Vlad (a big shout-out to him).

You just need to install the Toggl extension on your Chrome or Firefox browser, and then you will be able to start Toggl timer inside your Kantree cards.

The timer will take the card’s name and reference as description. it will also get the project name and labels from the card.

It works with both cards and sub-cards.

Toggle button inside a card