Getting started

An introduction to Kantree covering how to create and manage your first project

10 min.

Editing cards

Discover how to create and edit a card, and make the most of it

12 min.

How to organize a project

Discover how to organize your cards throughout the life of your project

15 min.

Customize your project

Kantree has been built from the ground up to be super flexible to let you customize each of your project. Learn how to configure your project so that it fits your requirements

15 min.

Customize cards

Cards are easily and extensively configurable to adapt to your needs. From fields to models, learn how to make the most of it

15 min.

Collaborate with your team

Discover how to manage your project's members and how to get the most of the collaboration features of Kantree

5 min.

Use timelines

Make the most out of your project timelines and manage deadlines and roadmaps easily

5 min.


Get some insights about your projects

5 min.

Manage project forms

Get cards from your user feedback using the project forms

12 min.

Manage card logs

Track time and expenses using card logs

10 min.

3rd party Integrations

Connect Kantree with other tools like Github or Slack

8 min.

Manage your team

Create private projects and collaborate privately as part of a team

5 min.

User account

All the information related to your user account

5 min.

Workflow automation

Super powers for your workspace

5 min.

Work with external partners

Find out how to work with external partners in Kantree

4 min.

GDPR compliance at Kantree

Learn how Kantree handles privacy-sensitive information

5 min.

Kantree Query Language (KQL)

Search through cards using our simple & powerful query language

10 min.