April 2020 product update

22/04/2020 - Updated on 25/10/2021 - Jérémy, Pola

During the coronavirus outbreak, our developers have been busier than ever answering questions from Kantree users, as more teams started moving to remote work. As a result, we’ve done a few tweaks and new features. Here they are.


Reordering sub-cards

One of the most highly anticipated features! It is now possible to reorder sub-cards manually, by dragging and dropping them into new positions.

Reordering ungrouped cards

You can also manually organize cards in the “ungrouped” column, via drag and drop.


The checklist mode is finally here! This feature lets you see all your cards and sub-cards in a single list, then quickly check off completed tasks.

Column size

In the table view, you can now quickly resize columns. Point to the column border in the top row. When the pointer becomes a double-headed arrow, drag the border to the left or right for a desired width. When finished, save the settings as a private view.

Custom calendar

Personalize your calendar view by selecting which dates are visible. Click on the filter icon at the top to open the calendar options menu. From there, choose the active date fields to display in your view.

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